how can I enable guitar tablature?

• Feb 17, 2023 - 15:51

I have downlaoded the last version 4.0.1 64bit for windows 10
I can read the music , but tablature is really very useful & comfortable
I had to to go back to V3 , v4 is amazing , but really the tablature is so easy to have it
Can't understand , i have played a lot with v4 , importing my music score with tablature and other instrument , nothing



To create a score with tablature, simply select an instrument with the word "tablature" in it when you create your score. Or to add a tablature instrument to an existing score, or add a tablature staff to an existing instrument use the Instruments panel in the left sidebar.

If you continue to have trouble, please explain in more detail.

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Are you saying simply opening them within MuseScore doesn't work? You can certainly attach one to a comment here so someone can check it out. It may also be possible to delete it later, depending on how long you wait. or post a link to the file on a file sharing service where you have more control. Not that there really should be any problem with leaving it here.

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I notice that when opening these files with the V3, the parts are displayed (with standard staves linked to a TAB, as has always been the case in versions 2 et 3)
Whereas with version 4, these parts are not displayed. And if you create them, of course, only the standard staves appear. Is this your concern?
I confess I don't know if this new behavior is expected or if it's an issue?

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It seems in both MuseScore 3 & 4, the score itself has only standard notation - no tab. For some reason - maybe a guitar-pro-specific feature - MuseScore 3 creates a part with tablature even though it isn't present in the score. That really never made sense to me, especially because there was no way to do something like this manually other than when importing guitar pro files. But MuseScor 4 simplifies this so you can add tab staves to any instrument any time time you like, and control the visibility of that staff in the score and part independently.

So, if you want to see standard notation in the score but tab in the part, just change the staff type of the staff in the part using the settings for the staff in the Instruments panel. Or if you want to show both standard & tab in the part, use the settings for the existing staff to add a linked staff, and change that to tab. You can then choose to hide that staff in the score only while leaving it in the part. or any other combination you like.

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