Custom templates appear as "Untitled score"

• Feb 20, 2023 - 18:44

Trying to save my own templates under Custom Templates, but whenever I open MuseScore and attempt to load them in, they all display under the Custom Templates list as "Untitled score". I notice all of the default Templates are .mscx files, but the program only gives you the option to save as .mscz - not sure if this could be related (though I did try renaming the extension to .mscx, but that causes them to not appear at all under the list).

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You don't need any special command - just a regular "Save" (if it's a new score) or "Save As" (if it's an existing score you want to now use as a template). Just save it to your Templates folder instead of your Scores folder, and now it's available as a template new time you create a new score.

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