Cannot add a tremelo

• Feb 24, 2023 - 03:33

For some reason, I cannot add a tremelo. Not the one with a stem but the one just by itself. I tried clicking on the note and then adding the tremelo but nothing happened. I also try to add a tremelo in the middle of a bar like in the attachment below.

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Screenshot 2023-02-24 143250.png 6.88 KB


Add the two notes you want as dotted quarter notes. Range select both of them. Select the 16th tremolo between notes.

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Two points here:
1. If you have a new problem, it's best to start a new thread with a title which specifically describes the problem. In this case, perhaps a title of "[Tremolos?] sound choppy and disjointed. Like there are some notes that are [not?] being played".
2. Always attach your example score (.mscz file), because that makes it so much easier for volunteers to identify what is happening. An image (.png or .jpg file) does not convey any information to help with diagnosis, nor can it be listened to.

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