Exporting score crashed MuseScore 4.0.1; now crashes anytime trying to open that score

• Feb 25, 2023 - 01:27

So I had just finished this and was exporting to send to someone. It did export but it crashed the program when it did.

Now anytime I try to open this score it just goes straight to desktop. Any ideas? Also this is my first time using MuseScore so dumbing it down preferred!


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buckets.mscz 73.07 KB


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Hmm, I don't even see the autosave file. I unfortunately am not sure how much more details I'll be able to give. Everything I have associated with this piece opens MuseScore and then immediately goes to desktop with no error codes or anything to help with. I am able to open a new score with no issue, and unfortunately I may just have to go from memory. At least it wasn't long, just on a short turn around!

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The mscx file worked wonders, I appreciate your help!

After looking (just for anyone wondering) for whatever reason the only difference in these files is the accents being on the bottom rather than top, which is something I changed. No idea if that had any issue with it all failing on me. Who knows.

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