Lost Files

• Mar 1, 2023 - 19:46


So I've had MuseScore version 3 2 for a while and I'm having saving issues. I was working on multiple scores at once, the scores were opened via "open recent files". I saved the files by clicking save. (I've poked around and found I likely should've saved it to my computer under a new name.. But that doesn't explain the real issue.) The files are nonexistent on my device now. I had to save them all and close MuseScore to add my headphones to my device. I opened it back up and the even the starter files saved on my device prior to their edits were gone, no names, no keywords, nothing. A bunch of random "scwllssksl" titled copies of files, but not for all of my opened files and they weren't up to date either. Did the server crash? Should I just restart my computer?? I emptied my recent files too so even the faulty copies are missing, but I know I had at least some of these files saved to my device... Any pointers? I would show you the scores but I don't have any.


bunch of random "scwllssksl" titled copies of files, ...Did the server crash?
Not the server (like musescore.com) but your PC, those are autosave filenames

MuseScore never ever deletes any scores, it simply lacks that capability, your scores are still where you saved them last. And in case of a crash additionally (and probably in a later version) as these autosave files

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So you're saying I'm searching the original file name, when I should be searching for the autosave file name? Unfortunately I emptied my recently opened so I'm going to have to sleuth out those titles. I filtered for mscz files and my named files saved to my computer came up, but none of the missing titles. I also searched for the uncompressed versions with the mscx title.

My PC did not crash, but there was a moment when MuseScore itself crashed and I had to bring it back online. I clicked yes to the "recovery" process, but I didn't save my files "to my computer as.." afterwards I just clicked "save". Does any of this mean anything?

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