can't open a file

• Mar 3, 2023 - 23:02

I wrote something and when I wanted to open it the next day I got the message that it can not be opened because it was corrupted.
I can see the file's image on my files list - but can't open it.
Any suggestions?

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WIEGALA.mscz 29.17 KB


If you are using 3.6.2, see the attachment. You can also open it with version 4.

There is no problem to open the *.mscx in 3.6.2. But the voltas were not set correctly. I have corrected them, assuming that the sequence was intended that way.

Since I saw German lyrics: there is also a German language section of the forum:

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WIEGALA_3-6-2.mscz 18.4 KB

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