Musescore random closes

• Mar 9, 2023 - 16:05

Got this problem where, without warning, Musescore 4 closes. I can't nail it down to any particular action. It is also not project dependant. It happens on both big and small - complex and simple.

I've got a log file from the last time it happened:…

(I've "xxxx"'d out my user name)

I'm on Musescore 4.01, windows 10 x64

Any thoughts?


Here too.
Musescore 4.0.1, Ubuntu 22.04.
For the most part of my work I reverted to Musescore 3.6.2.
Unfortunately, some of my colleagues use 4.0.1 and sometimes I have to open their score with 4.0.1.
But If I have to do some major work on their score, then I export it in .musicxml and import it on 3.6.2 ;-)

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