How can I control the position of "rhythmic slash-notation"?

• Mar 11, 2023 - 08:26

I followed the documentation on rhythmic slash notation by adding the notes as normal. I added them to Voice 4 to have them appear above the staff when converting. Finally I used "Tools > Convert to Rhythmic Slash Notation".

This results in the notes being uncomfortably close to other notes in one case:

2023-03-11 09_21_11-Window.png

In a second case MuseScore decided to move them below the staff:

2023-03-11 09_22_52-Window.png

How can I (a) increse the spacing between the "normal" notes and the rhythmic notes and (b) change the position of the rhythmic notation from bottom to top?


Ah... I figured out point #2. I accidentally mixed up voice 3 & 4. 3 is above the staff and 4 is below. So I've got that fixed.

The distance between the notes and the rhythmic notation is still problematic though.

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