Unsaved file crashed

• Mar 12, 2023 - 02:07

Muse Score 4 crashed, THERE'S NO RECOVERY FILE!!! I've been working on this song for 2 hours. why is there no auto-save or recovery file in muse score three? I see a log file for what I've done to the piece but that doesn't help me recover my progress. I don't even know what I did in the song. I created the file and immediately started working on it for two hours until it randomly crashed


  1. Check that you have Autosave enabled in Edit > Preferences > General > Autosave
  2. Ensure that you can see the backup folder, which may be invisible by default. On my Windows laptop, it's located here:
  3. Once you are in the backup folder, you should see backup files which start with a full stop (period). Such files may also be invisible by default: check your settings. On Windows the setting is in File Explorer > View > Show/hide > Hidden items.

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