crash when loading MIDI in v1.3

• Sep 27, 2014 - 00:19

Hi, I exported a MIDI type 1 file from Sonar X1. When trying to open the file in MuseScore 1.3, the software crashes. No error message, just the standard Windows message.
The same file gets loaded fine in the nightly build from 26.Sept 2014, but there are other issues with that version.
Is there any way the stable version 1.3 could be updated so that its MIDI input works like the one in 2.0 ? I can post the MIDI file which causes the problems.


Why would you want to stick with MuseScore 1.3?

It is inferior in just about every way to MuseScore 2.0, and now that is in beta it means the first stable release is within sight :)

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sorry, I was not aware that 2.0 is already the recommended version to use. On the web site the link to 1.3 features prominently as the "stable" build, so I started with that one. This was my very first use of MuseScore, and I had not been aware of this software.

Is great - and I am very grateful to the developers!

I am now using 2.0, and it works fine.

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1.3 is indeed the stable released version.

2.0 was issued last month in beta form (mainly for testing and feedback purposes I think) - people are encouraged to try it, although I wouldn't recommend complete adaptation until the final release (at least).

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