Repeat glitch + Playback glitch

• Mar 14, 2023 - 12:05

So I write a lot of lead sheets and tabs, meaning some sections are every repetitive so to save on space I was repeats, cods, segno, voltas etc. However I encountered a bug where I have four bars/measures BEFORE the repeat bar line, then another 8 measures before the other repeat bar line. However when it repeats it will play one measure after the first repeat bar line then jump back to the 4 measures before the repeat sign. Has anyone else encountered this? if so how do I fix it?

My second glitch I have discovered is Let' say I've written 16 measures, I play it back it works. I go to work on measure 8 & 9. Now when I press playback from measure 1, it will only play up to measure 9, and after this measure although the sheet music is being highlighted and played there's no sound. I found that just, copy, deleting, pasting works but I should have to do this every time I go back to fix something. Anyone else encountered any of this? Thanks in advance!


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