Musescore plays weirdly through my Focusrite 3rd Gen audio interface

• Mar 15, 2023 - 00:56

Hello everyone,

Basically Musescore plays correctly with any other sound output except my Focusrite 3rd Gen audio interface. When I play anything, it just plays super quickly with super high pitches and cracks and pops in the audio, but plays normally through my other audio output like my gaming headset which is also connected through USB.

I thought Musescore was broken at first so I reinstalled it but it didn't change anything. I want to practice my bass while hearing Musescore at the same time which is why I want Musescore to play through my audio interface.

Is there any fix for it?


My Focusrite works best if it is plugged into a USB 3 input. Make sure it is selected in Prefereces,I/O

In Control panel/Sound/your focusrite/Properties/Advanced, uncheck Exclusive mode.

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