MS 4.0.2 Unreadable Palattes (CRITICAL)

• Mar 15, 2023 - 15:25

when opening a palatte, the icons are huge blocks and often the icon is either tiny, invisible, or clumped together with others. the buttons themselves work fine, its just that you can't tell what you are clicking.

[Windows 10 Dell Latitude Laptop]


Assuming the problem persists after the revert to factory settings, is there anything unusual about your display setup? This looks lime a miscommunication between your OS and MuseScore regarding the display resolution and scaling.

This was a super common problem in MU3 but so far hasn’t seemed to happen very often in MU4. The solution would generally be to change scaling options for MuseScore in your OS settings. But first let’s see if just the factory reset fixes it.

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