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• Mar 17, 2023 - 12:39

Hi, as im new here in having difficultly with one issue in particular, ie the system seams to add in a ramdom arrangement of rests, which although technically correct could be rationalised to say a two note rest insead of the multipul ones inserted by the system, i also cant find a way to rationalize this ie deleating the rests and inserting the correct value rest etc?


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I don't see any random rests, but I do see that your notes themselves are written incorrectly, not respective the normal rules of notation for rhythm. For instance, in the first measure, you can have a quarter note starting at some arbitrary place within a beat like that. Quarter notes can only start directly on a beat, or in certain cases, on an "&" of a beat. But never on the 7/32 of the beat or whatever that is currently. You've also inserted an extra fraction of a beat into the third measure for some reason; you can't do that and expect it to make sense.

MuseScore follows the standard rules of music notation with regard to how it groups rests, but you need to take responsibility for entering the notes themselves correctly, or MuseScore can't do anything reasonable around them. That said, I don't see any places where the rules of notation would allow rests to be combined. If you're thinking a quarter rests and eighth rest can be combined to form a dotted quarter - no. That's not permissible notation in 4/4 time, only in compound meter.

Correct notation of rhythm is a complex subject, but here's a start:

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Yes, the PDF you posted is fine (well, aside from looking like it was probably produced in a generic graphics program as opposed to a music notation program, and thus is off in lots of details of how the symbols are drawn). But in many places, the music bears little resemblance to what you've entered, unfortunately. You've gotten many notes wrong in terms of their durations, and you haven't entered the ties. That's why you've got rests that don't match the original - because your notes don't match either. It's like putting your arm into the leg of your pants and wondering why there is still so much material hanging off at the end. There's nothing wrong with the pants, you just aren't putting them on right :-)

I recommend first learning a bit more about music notation in general, then also reading the Handbook chapter on Basics, especially the section on note input. See also my tutorial here:

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