Slurs, accidentals in ornaments

• Mar 18, 2023 - 05:13

Even after saving my work (a piano trio), long slurs almost always revert to 2-notes only when I look at separate parts.

And I can't understand the problem with adding accidentals to ornaments (as in a trill that requires a sharp upper neighbor). I've tried the "Master Palette/Symbols/Sharp/doubleclick/drag", and yes, the symbol will show up, but playback doesn't recognize it.


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Yes - I wonder if it would be possible to create a plugin. Maybe you should put in a feature request.

Quite often the small note at the top indicating the actual pitch is (or at least was) omitted. As an amateur orchestral violinist I have many times had to pencil in that note so that I know what I am listening for. Or alternatively there is only the little circle above the actual pitch and I have to mark in the rest of the notes so that I can find it!

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