Piano part using wrong staff from an imported musicXML file

• Mar 18, 2023 - 05:48

When I import a musicXML file, the main score shows all the music correctly, but the piano part (grand staff) shows the bass clef of another staff, and the playback is correct. Creating a new part with works fine.

The direct cause is quite likely that the treble and bass staves in the musicXML file are not sequential.

Reproduction Steps.
1. import the attached music XML file.
2. notice the bass staff for the piano in the main score.
3. using the "Parts" dropdown menu (center of window header, below the window title), open the "Piano" part.
4. notice the bass staff displays notes from the "String Bass" staff.
5. click the play button (top right of screen) and notice that the piano part bass staff playback is correct (plays correct piano bass staff notes shown in the main score), not what is displayed in the piano part.
6. if needed, to make it easier to hear, go back to the main score and assign Musescore sounds to all the tracks (Alto Flute, Violas for Strings, Violoncello (Solo), Contrabasses. Add the "pizz." text (Text palette) to the first note in the "String Bass" staff to make it even more clear to hear.
7. repeat steps 3-5 again.
8. create a new part by opening the "Parts" dropdown (top center of screen), then click the "Create New Part" button (top right of pop-over window). The new part will have a default name "Part". You can rename that in the three-dot menu.
9. In the "Instruments" tab in the left sidebar, enable visibility of the "Piano" on that part

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Thanks for reviewing this so quickly, Jojo.

Musescore version:
OS: macOS 13.2, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.2-230651546, revision: dbe7c6d

Did you open the Piano Part?

The main score is correct. The piano part shows the correct treble staff and the staff after the piano grand staff, which happens to be the String Bass in this composition.

See the attached screenshots.

The main score shows the piano grand staff with a two-note interval in the bass staff and a single note in the string bass staff (below the piano).

However in the piano part screen shot, the staff for the string bass is presented as the lower part of the grand staff. It's wrong. If I manually construct a part with the piano instrument, it's fine...so I'm just renaming every piano part of every score I import as "Piano corrupted" since I can't use it.

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