How to have multiple clefs on one staff

• Mar 18, 2023 - 19:05

Hi, i want to write intabulation with eight lines on the left hand staff with an f and a c clef. I can make a staff with eight lines but i cannot change the position of the F clef or add a second C clef. How can i make this work?

Pic related is what im trying to achieve

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Tricky. You've added lines above a five-line staff but MS adds them below the staff which makes it all a bit more interesting.

Regardless of what you want the clefs to look like, the staff has to have one - and only one - "real" clef that determines what pitch each line and space represents. There is a clef that achieves this and it is "Alto clef (French, 18th century)". So, you could place this clef, make it invisible and then make an image of the clefs you want and add them to the beginning of each line - it works but it's not effortless.

Next you have to get the accidentals in the key signature in the right place. I'm not sure what is correct for an eight-line staff (I've usually seen them filled in from the top down) but you seem to want your Bb down on a line rather than where MS places it - up in a space. "No worries" you think - just select the accidental and move it down a bit by changing its properties. When you first try it, however, you'll find that the upper staff key signature moves as well. The trick is to [Shift] - select the bottom-staff key signature and then make the changes.

Whatever you do, you still have to do it to each line. The only "shortcut" is you can make is the "real"clefs invisible at once by un-ticking a box in Stave/Part properties.

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