corrupted files

• Mar 23, 2023 - 00:21


I have upgraded from version 4 to 4.02 and now many of my files will not load. I get the message corrupted file
Under details I get Error=XML_Error_Empty_Document_Error ID (Oxd) Line Number =0

When downloading the plug-in repair assistant and trying to open this plug-in I get again the error message that the file is corrupted.

Any suggestions how to deal with this will be greatly appreciated


I suspect some of your files didn't save correctly. It may just be my perception (or bias, since I use Linux) but this seems to happen most commonly in Windows. 1] Try saving your files as .MSCX instead of the default MSCZ - this avoids the compression/decompression stages where I think things can go wrong. 2] Make regular backup copies of files as you go - either Save As with a different name or in your File Explorer or whatever, select the file and copy it and save with a new name.

You can post any problematic files here and someone is likely to try to help you but first check by opening the file with a text editor and if it contains nothing but zeros then there is no music information present to extract.

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