Large CPU spikes causing unusable amounts of input delay

• Mar 23, 2023 - 19:45

While working on a score for a full symphony, every input I do is accompanied by around 1 second of input delay. I checked my computer's (Dell Inspiron 3583 with Intel Core i5-8265U and 8 GB RAM) resource monitor and whenever I perform an action on Musescore 4, the computer spikes from ~20% CPU usage to basically 100% usage. The lag is making the score incredibly tedious to work on; I don't experience input delay when I use MS basic, but when I stopped playback with MS basic instead of muse sounds the score completely crashed. Also, I checked on a friend's computer and even with full muse sounds the computer wasn't lagging.

The score I am working on is attached, as well as a screenshot of the resource monitor. All I did on the score was enter a single note, and it caused the massive peak circled in red. Is there anything I can try to fix the lag while still using muse sounds?

Edit: I don't have a MIDI keyboard plugged in, everything I'm doing is on my laptop itself with no external devices.

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I get a similar result on my laptop. I'll try on my more powerful desk top later. As far as the lag goes, I have discovered a few things. Let's say you want to select a note to do some action. Start playback, add a dynamic, or some such thing. When you select the note, you don't have to wait for it to sound. Select it and do the action you want. It will catch up.

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