MuseScore 4 don't open

• Mar 25, 2023 - 03:27

Hi! the musescore 4 don't open, i just see the windows of program and closed automatic. When i installed the first time worked normal after of time not worked more. I have other pc and worked normal. In desktop the diference is just interface of audio. Help me please?


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Hi Marc, thank you for your quick response.
Well, I click on the MuseScore application and I get to the 'open score' page where I find a message saying "The previous session quit unexpectedly. Do you want to restore the session?" (see attached screen capture). Then, whether I choose Yes or Not, the next window shows: "Problem Details and System Configuration 'Full Report' "(many hieroglyph pages. I attached here only the first and the last pages).
Voilà mon cher ami.

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Hello Marc,
Who knows how, I could once get up to the MuseScore4 Menu > Help window, but after clicking on "Revert to factory settings" I got the message : "FabFilter Timeless 2.vst3 can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. / This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information. / MBP 2015 YANN sent you this file on 12 April 2021."

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Ah, that's a nice clue then. If you can't get a new version of that file from wherever you got it from, best to delete it. This file isn't part of MuseScore, but MuseScore does try to access any VST instruments you have installed so it can list them in the mixed, and if your system is preventing you from accessing one, that would cause problems indeed.

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Hi! Thanks for help.
My OS: windows 10, last update
Musescore 4 Version:
Video with error:…
Note: how you see, he open and close alone.
And yes i have many vst here.
Kontakt, serum, zebra, bbc... List in daw: and sfx> and many sfx bellow
I believe that not is possible, uninstall the all vst is a very work....
Thanks for help!

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You try simply renaming the VST folder so MuseScore can't find them. If it then starts OK, you can rename it back, then try taking half the VST's and moving them to another temporary folder and restarting, gradually narrowing down until you find which VST is causing the problem.

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If you're saying MuseScore still won't open after moving your VST folder to somewhere MuseScore can't find it, then I guess it must be something else - an incompatibility with your audio driver perhaps. I'd recommend trying different audio devices to see if one allows you to start up. But either way, best to open an issue on GitHub and explain the issue there, and someone should be able to direct you on how to obtain logs you can send. See

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