MS3.7 and the new upper limit on the PRE's Len field

• Mar 27, 2023 - 00:52

A couple of points on this topic:

1) MuseScore 3.7 raised the PRE's Len field limit from 2000 to 60000 for both Windows and MacOS. (Previously MuseScore enforced this by dropping the least significant place holder when then user typed values above 2000. Same happens now ... but thankfully only when the value exceeds 60000.)

2) The plugin API allows programmed access to the Len value. On Windows a plugin can set values up to 60000. But on MacOS it appears the limit is still 2000. Perhaps there's a piece of code which raises the plugin API limitation which was not updated for MacOS?

This is the GitHub PR MU3 fix #310921 - remove unnecessary limit for plugin playevent.len by wizofaus · Pull Request #9236 · musescore/MuseScore

A PRE Duration (multiplier) UI issue:

• The Len field nicely updates the PRE's "note" display on change. (Actually a display update occurs with each digit entered, which seems a little excessive.)

The Duration (multiplier) field does not update on change. I would expect a display update pressing Return. But for some reason the display doesn't update until the users presses the Set button. I don't see any reason for that requirement.

Even after using the spinner to change the value with the Duration (multiplier) the user must press the Set button to get the display to update. Weird.


This plugin sets every note in a score to len = 60000.

On Windows 10 with MS3.7.0 my scores do indeed end up with this length value.
You can try it on MacOS for comparison. (Using a temporary score of course!)


It turned out that there were 2 factors at play here which produced inconsistent results:
(1) Linked TAB-Notation pairs do not sync Play Event data.
(2) Some versions of MS3.7.0 report as 3.6.3 in the plugin API.

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