Quotation marks

• Mar 27, 2023 - 07:39

In text boxes, no double or single quotation marks can be entered.


Yes, they can be added.

While editing the text, open the Special Characters window. Apostrophe, single quote and double quote (opening and closing versions) are available towards the end of the Common Symbols tab.

In MS3:
Select F2 to open the Special Characters window. Select the Esc key or select F2 again to close the Special Characters screen.

In MS4:
Select Shift+F2 to open the Special Characters window. Use the Esc key to close the Special Characters screen.

the quotation marks are right there, on the keyboard...

Sorry, I misunderstood you. I thought you were looking for so-called "smart quotes" which have a difference between opening quote and closing quote. That's where the Special Characters popup screen is useful.

If you are saying that you cannot enter standard quotation marks from your keyboard, then you need to explain a bit more about your computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux), your operating system (what version), your keyboard layout (QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ etc). and your interface language (English, French, German etc).

Do your quote marks require use of the Shift key (normally used to make capital letters)?

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It gets weirder. It DOES work, but only if I enter it twice! Normally I can enter quotation mark, then Space and then it appears. This does not work. But if I press quotation mark twice, TWO will appear. Like so: "" (two double quotes) or '' (two single quotes).
But if I only enter them once, and anything after it, nothing appears.
I haven't encountered this before. Again, in other apps the quotes work as expected.
Can anyone explain what's happening?

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