Delete a score

• Mar 28, 2023 - 09:06

How do I delete a score from the homepage of Musescore?


1. From the dropdown arrow by your profile picture (top-right) choose My scores
2. In Score Manager locate the score you want to delete, using the Search box if necessary
3. Open the relevant score page on
4. On the right of the screen by the score title, click the "3 dots" menu
5. From the menu choose the last item Delete this score (note that this will delete your online version of the score permanently)

In MuseScore 4 (desktop notation editor]:
1. Choose File > Open recent > scroll to the end of the list > Clear recent files
... but I think it's broken at present (in MS 4.0.2).
There is certainly a feature request to be able to delete individual files from the "Recent files" list.

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