Musescore 4 Crashing When Audio Source Changes

• Mar 29, 2023 - 04:39

When I change an audio source (ie. bluetooth headphones to speakers) Musescore 4 crashes. When reopening, it acknowledges that it crashed, and offers to pickup where I left off, thankfully. In Musescore 3 this was not an issue - audio sources could be updated using the midi button.


Yes. So the lesson here is to set up everything the way you want it before starting MU4. This is not unusual. If you are on Windows and go to Sound/Default Device/Advanced and make any change to your audio settings, you will get a warning that any software using that device might fail.

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There are many instances where one might want to change their audio source mid session, I'm not sure why Musescore shouldn't facilitate this? The lesson here is that Musescore should look into why it is crashing. This wasn't an issue with Musescore 3 — rather than crashing it would just require the the program to refresh using the MIDI button. My drivers are up to date, and isn't an issue in any other DAW I've worked with. Not really a "lesson here" scenario.

I have also experienced this issue - eg. recently I was working on a score and accidentally turned off bluetooth and disconnected my headphones, which made the program instantly close.

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Google this and you will see it has been an issue for years. It is really annoying when you open a score, plug in headphones or switch to external speaker and it just crashes. When it does it mid-session you can lose work. It means you have to always remember not to change audio device without first saving and closing. It's tiresome.

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This is true in Musescore 4, however previously in Musescore 3 the 'midi button' would refresh all input and output sources allowing for the session to continue being used. It would not crash, rather it would simply stop outputting sound etc. To my knowledge this button is not present in Musescore 4.

Attached is a screenshot of this button for reference.

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