Cannot select custom template for new score

• Apr 2, 2023 - 02:01

I have recently upgraded from Musescore version 3 to 4. I have a custom template file that I copied from the Templates folder in the old version to the same folder in the new one. However, when I create a new score, I can't see a way to select custom templates on the New score > Create from template tab. Is my setup wrong, or is this a bug?


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I tried the same with a MS3 template of mine, but no “My templates” section did appear in the "Create from template" tab.
Then I opened the 04-SATB_Closed_Score.mscx from the templates of the program folder, stored it in the user templates folder and the “My templates” section appeared.
And at last I found out that my template score has to have a title, only then it is shown under “My templates”.
Obviously MS3 uses the template file name and MS4 needs the title.

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Thanks for your reply. This solved the problem. I included a title on the saved template, and now it appears under a "My templates" option.

However, when creating a new score from the template, the subtitle and composer/arranger fields have "Subtitle" and "Composer/arranger" in them by default, and these cannot be removed during the setup; they can only be deleted after the score is displayed. This appears to be a bug?

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