Using Bold and Italic

• Apr 3, 2023 - 17:16

So I use MuseScore for 2-voice species counterpoint assignments - in order to make sure students are understanding the difference between perfect intervals (1,5,8) and dissonant intervals (2.4, d5, 7), I ask them to make perfect intervals bold and put dissonant intervals in Italics.

Well this is a bloody nightmare to do. First of all, unless you save, close the program and open it again, it won't even let you highlight the intervals to change them. Then, you have to go PAST the interval and press what you want, because if you stay on the interval you want, the Bold or Italic will be applied to the interval PRECEDING the one you want.

This was so much easier in the earlier program - in fact a lot of things were, but this "upgrade" has been nothing but a headache. It was so much easier when you got the little text box at the bottom . . . whoever was in charge of upgrading this did your program a great disservice. In fact, a lot of this "upgrade" has been a major disappointment.


Hmm, sounds like you might be misunderstanding something, but it isn't clear what.

First, you certainly don't need to save/close/reopen just to select something. If you are encountering some rare special case where something seems to be going wrong with selection, please attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem, so we can understand and assist better.

Second, it isn't clear what you are trying to make bold. I guess it's text, but - is it an entire text element like a staff text or lyric syllable, or is it one "word" within a longer element? MU3 required you to use completely different methods for those two cases, but in MU4, it's greatly simplified - the same control works either way. Simplify select the thing you want bold and press the bold button in the Properties panel. it works exactly the same whether you are selecting the whole text or just a single word. In no case would it ever be applied to something before what you've selected; that would of course make no sense. The bold is always applied to exactly what you've selected. Same for italics.

If you continue to have trouble, again, please attach your score and give the steps to reproduce the problem so we can understand and assist better.

And if you are having trouble with something else, please start a new thread to ask about that. Some things have indeed changed and you might need to learn a new location for some things, but once you find it you will almost always find it ends up being more efficient.

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