Loop playback cuts off after 59th bar, even though loop markers are set at beginning and end of score

• Apr 4, 2023 - 23:15

I've been working on extending a music piece I like, and everything worked fine at first. After a while, the playback loop started to cut off the piece at the 59th bar. I've tried closing and opening in different methods, but the problem persists. Moving the loop markers to loop just a few bars ends up playing bars that are not in the selected region. Resetting the loop markers to the beginning and end of the score after moving does not help. I've tried searching in the handbook, but I couldn't find anything that could fix the issue.

To reproduce the problem:

I. Toggle Loop playback;
II. Play the score.

Click on any note just before the 59th bar while playing to speed up the process.

➡ Score plays normally when loop playback is off.

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I can't reproduce exactly what you are describing, but something does seem off. How are you setting the loop start & end points? I'm just setting them to the full score, but when I do this, playback keeps starting in bar 31 for some reason. If I turn off repeats, all is well.

It seems this might be the same issue as https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/issues/16875. Can you confirm the issue goes away if you turn off repeats?

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The issue indeed stops when repeats are turned off.

I set the markers to encompass the full score. I don't know how to delete and reassign loop positions, but I do know how to move the markers. When I play my score with loop playback, it starts normally at bar 1.

I counted the number of repeated bars that are played in the loop (when starting at bar 1), and I got 26 bars. When I subtracted that from the total number of bars (84) I got to 58, after which the loop cuts off. So I think this might be the same issue as you linked.

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