Trying to change username

• Apr 5, 2023 - 02:20

I signed up with Gmail, and it didn't make me make a password.
I'm trying to change my username, but it's not letting me because I can't put in a password. I don't have a password because when creating my account, I used Gmail. I tried clicking reset my password but it just took me back to the homepage.


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Hello, I've read through these articles, and neither helps me change my username without a password. I created my account using google, and thus I did not make a password alongside my account, so now that I'm trying to change my username, I have nothing to put into the current password box.

Just create a new account, new username and let the old one die. Unless you mean by "signed up" that you paid money to musescore.COM, in which case you need to email their support.

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