saving fretboard diagram in new palette

• Apr 5, 2023 - 16:45

I just made a new fretboard diagram and tried to add it to a new palette . The handbook tells to press ctrl+shift and then move the element out of the score to the open palette. Didn't work, it showed the impossible icon(red ring,crossed out) , or showed that the fretboard diagram is linked to the note in the first voice with a line of blue dots stretching between.


Must work, version 4.0.2, see:
(So hold Ctrl + Shift, then drag and drop the fretboard diagram into the palette.)


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I checked (thanks for mentioning that -- I didn't even know that toggle was there) and it had been enabled the whole time. Still not working, until I toggled editing off and back on again. Then it worked perfectly! It sounds like this was definitely a bug, but at least it's one with a quick fix?

Side note: I checked the handbook page for using and customizing palettes (, and it doesn't mention the "enable editing" toggle anywhere. I submitted a revision with an added sentence to fix that.

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Bummer. I'd like to populate the Fretboard diagram palette with some jazz chords. But...

MuseScore OS Ubuntu 23.04.

I cannot drag a chord diagram from the score to the Fretboard diagrams palettes. Tried turning Enable Editing off then back on. No joy. Red ring stays on and nothing sticks when I drop the icon onto the palette. Going back to version 3 is not an options because MuseScore cannot read scores written in version 4.

Any other work arounds until this bug is fixed?

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Try restarting MuseScore, or jsut being more careful about where you drop. Palette customization definitely works, I do it all the time. It's just that it has always been a bit finicky - sometimes not allowing a drop, other times leaving a "hole" behind when moving between palettes, etc.

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I've had it try to accept a chord diagram but only get the name. The diagram just disappeared. But most of the time the palette won't accept anything. In case you're using exactly the same build (Version Revision dbe7c6d) I'll keep trying. But, as a retired computer programmer, and considering the other folks who can't get it to work at all, it sure looks like a bug.
You said it works for you sometimes but fails every now and then.
My best guess would be on a property (like "accept input") of the chord diagram palette not being set correctly or consistently when a drop and drag routine is initiated.
I'd appreciate it if you tell me if we're running the same version and revision.
If we are, forget everything I said.

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I'm reserving judgement now.
While researching this problem I found directories and files from previous installations of M3 and M4. Everywhere.

MScore4 works for me and I'm grateful for to the people who built and maintain it.

Without a completely correct install I'm in no position to question its behavior.

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Problem still exists.
All the palettes display empty frames except Tempo. The Tempo palettes are filled with what looks several enlarged lower case letters superimposed on each other.
Any idea where the palette files are supposed to live? This still looks like a misplaced folder to me.

Someone suggested an OpenGL upgrade might help, so I upgraded from OpenGL ES 3.2 Mesa 23.0.4-0 ubuntu1~23.04.1 to OpenGL ES 3.2 Mesa 23.1.4 - kisak-mesa PPA. Restarted but got the same Muse results.

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I replaced the appimage 4.0 with the 4.1 version and had success and another clue. All the palettes are filling, but everything is double sized.
I'm entering the "large print" phase of life and made the chord diagrams larger by changing a scaling factor from 1.0 to 2.0. I intended to change the size of only one specific profile but all palette diagrams doubled in size.
I guess something in the 4.0 version choked on the change but the 4.1 version handled the difference.
Seems like that would be reproducible. Maybe after getting caught up (and backed up) in a few days I'll try. Thanks for you encouraging questions. Troubleshooting is fun when you get to the end of the process.

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The blue cell is supposed to indicate which cell is "selected" - which one can be applied by pressing Enter if keyboard focus is in the palettes. But a bug that was only just recently fixed (not for 4.1.1, but for an upcoming release) causes that highlighting to only appear when clicking a palette cell with nothing selected in the score that it can be applied to.

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