A few issues on score created in 1.3 when opened in 2.0 b1

• Sep 29, 2014 - 01:46

Hello, the attached was written in Musescore 1.3 on a Windows 7 PC.
These issues are not present when the score is opened in 1.3, but when opened in 2.0 a few quirks appear.
In measure 5, notice the beam with no notes attached between the piano & baritone staves, which is present only in 2.0 b1.
In measure 13, the cross-staff beaming in the piano is missing in 2.0 b1.
In measure 93, notice the quarter rest on the fourth beat which is only there in 2.0 b1.
A lot of manual adjustments were made to the original in 1.3, which may explain all or most of these; there are probably some other issues that I missed.
If any or all of these have already been noted for correction in the next release, then great; I don't need immediate resolution since none of these affect playback which is my main concern. I definitely prefer the piano playback in 2.0 b1 which sounds less "bombastic" than in 1.3.

I recall reading on one of the forums that the Salamander SFZ for the Zerberus synthesizer would be available for 2.0 b1. I don't see it there, can someone provide direction on this?

Thanks very much!

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With the latest nightly build I can all these issues

  1. the stray beam in measure 5, no idea where it stems from
  2. the broken cross staff meabing in measure 13, seems voices got assigned differently, resulting in voice 1 in top staff (not) being cross beamed to voice 2 in bottom staff, which might be that cause?
  3. the stray quarter rest in measure 093 seems to belong into measure 91, at least it goes there when selected and 'Ctrl-R' gets presses? Seems related to having moded notes from one stave to the other.

Reg. playback: using Fluid R3 GM in 1.3 should result in about the same sound as in 2.0
See also http://musescore.org/en/handbook/soundfont
Reg. Salamander SFZ scoll down on that page.

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