Need Help With Jazz Chord Notation

• Sep 30, 2014 - 01:42


I'm trying to enter a chordname for a Bb+7(b9), i.e. Bflat aug 7th (flat 9). I can't get it to work with the cchords_nrb font. I enter "Bb+7b9", and it doesn't translate. Suggestions? Perhaps another font for just this chord?

I believe it's a real chord because I found an on-line reference to how to play it on a guitar.




It's a fine chord - the "augmented" refers to the fifth, not the seventh - and there is nothing wrong with the font. It's just that MuseScore requires you spell chord symbols the way it wants you to - the preferred spelling is determined by which chord style you use. In the chord symbol style you have selected - cchords_nrb - and that particular chord it wants spelled as Bb7(#5b9). Leave off the parenthesis though when you type it or it won't be recognized; they'll be added automatically when you're done.

Btw, note cchords_is not the name of a font, but of a chord style. MuseJazz is the font, and it's the same font used by all the "cchords" styles. They differ in the preferred spelling of the various chords, not in the font used.

For 2.0 Beta 1, MuseScore is *much* more forgiving. You can type Bb+7(b9) and it will be understood just fine, and rendered with the MuseJazz font if you select the "Jazz" chord symbol style.

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