My file has been corrupted. I am asking for help

• May 4, 2023 - 15:20

Hello everyone.

Unfortunately, I'm facing a big problem. My file has been corrupted and I cannot open it.
This error apperas: Error=XML_ERROR_EMPTY_DOCUMENT ErrorID=13 (0xd) Line number=0.

I' ve tried several solutions (older version of musescore, uninstall and install musescore again, Linux instead of Windows, another file type) but I couldn't save it. Could someone provide a help? I would be very greatful

It's very important for me because around one month's work has been devastated.
I attach the file. Thank you in advance!

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It happened to me that I had files corrupted, but I extracted the mscx file with a zip archive and the mscx would work, the problem with your file is that it can't be opened with a zip archiver as it is not recognised as an archive (mscz files are zip files) so there should be some serious issues, I am sorry. Hope there can be a solution.

I was not very clear. In the folder where you saved the mscz file, enable invisible files, then there might be a .mscbackup file, with luck you will find a better version.

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To be clear, after enabling hidden files, you will find a folder called .mscbackup. Within the folder will be a file with a name similar to your score but with a leading period and trailing comma. Remove those and you should be able to open that backup file.

If for some reason that doesn't work, then on Windows, you should be able to recover a previously-saved version via OneDrive.

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To be more clear: enabling hidden files is a option of the Windows explorer.
You have to activate the checkbox "Show hidden folders, files and drives" in the folder options.
In a German version (Win7) you can find it here: "Extras / Ordneroptionen / Ansicht / Ausgeblendete Dateien, Ordner und Laufwerke anzeigen", translated to "Tools / Folder options / View / Show hidden files, folders and drives". I am not sure if it is the exact translation used in english OS versions.
Hidden folders and files are then displayed in lighter color.

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Be sure to look *in the .mscback folder", not in the main folder. The backup is created each and every time you save, at least in MuseScore 4. So unless you literally went an entire month of working on the score and never saved it once until the very end, there should definitely be a backup. Is it possible you renamed the score at some point, or moved it from one folder to another? If so, then there would still be a backup under the old name/folder.

Also, as mentioned, OneDrive can also restore older versions, unless for some reason you disabled that.

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