How to have more than 1 Da Capo in the piece?

• May 8, 2023 - 16:40

I remember once kind of working around it in a Baroque piece with 2 Da Capos by using a Dal Segno for the first one and Da Capo for the second one. But there are 3 Da Capos here in the Mozart Contredanse. And the Beethoven 6 Ecossaises in Eb WoO 83, they have more than one Dal Segno(5 to be precise), very similar. How can I do this in MuseScore?

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Yes, but that's playing all that has come before it in the previous Da Capos as well. And it definitely doesn't sound like that when I listen to a performance. In performance, I hear something like:

Measures 1-8, First Da Capo phrase, Measures 1-8, Second Da Capo phrase, Measures 1-8, Third Da Capo phrase, Measures 1-8, end of the piece

Like here, the Da Capo phrases aren't getting repeated after the Da Capo, it's just moving on to the next phrase.

Whereas MuseScore plays through everything that has come before.

You can have more than one "da capo" in a score, of course in MuseScore too.
The first 'da capo' (measure 16) jumps to the beginning, but is then ignored for the rest of the score. The score then runs to m. 24 and because of 'da capo' it starts over again. This second 'da capo' is then ignored.
In the end, this means that each D.C. is executed exactly once and then ignored.
Now it runs to m. 32 and there, in my opinion, the designation 'da capo al fine' should be there in the last measure, otherwise the 'fine' in m. 8 makes no sense.

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Yeah, I agree that the last da capo there should be a D.C al Fine. I mean, I can kind of understand why old editions often leave the al Fine off of the Da Capo in say, a set of Minuets for example, cause it's understood within the Minuet and Trio form that the D.C is D.C al Fine + ink saving. But in this case, where there's more than 1 Da Capo in the piece, it doesn't really make sense to leave al Fine off of the last one.

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