Introducing Bradley Kunda: Product Owner for MuseScore 4

• May 9, 2023 - 10:53

We’re thrilled to announce Bradley Kunda as the new Product Owner of MuseScore 4.

Bradley is an award-winning instrumentalist and classical composer. Traversing both piano and classical guitar, his musical career includes a decade-long spell in Australia's premier guitar quartet "Guitar Trek" and stints as an accompanist in opera programs around the world.

As a senior member of the MuseScore 4 team, he’s been a tireless contributor to developments in the desktop notation app — and there is no one better to lead the team into a new chapter.

But Tantacrul fans needn’t worry! Martin Keary, our celebrated former Product Owner, will remain deeply involved in the future of MuseScore 4 as the new Vice President of Product at Muse Group.

So you can continue to expect Martin’s singular input, not only on the future of the MuseScore 4 desktop app, but also on and its accompanying mobile app too.

We can’t wait to share what we’re working on soon, as we continue to make MuseScore 4 the best free composing and engraving software around. And thanks, as ever, for the continued, priceless contributions from our open-source community.

Congratulations to both Bradley and Martin.

The MuseScore Team


Congratulations to both. Let's hope this may bring more love to piano since the focus was evidently on orchestra during Martin's era. Things like cross staff chords, cross staff/cross voice arpeggios, ability to position pedal marks on any rhythmical position and not only on the notes in the lower staff (including the playback), resurrection of Piano roll view etc.

UPDATE: No. In fact, the feature request to implement cross staff chords just disappeared from GitHub...

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I'm not sure which specific issue you are referring to that was closed, but I know that cross-staff notation remains an important focus of the engraving team. I also know that ability to position lines on any beat is also being worked on and should be coming soon. As for piano roll, that's more of a "playback tweaking" thing in general than any to do with piano specifically, but from what I understand, the long-term vision is to produce a much more sophisticated version in the future, capable of dealing with things like tuplets across measure boundaries and more. This has been discussed by both Martin & Bradley in public interviews etc.

Hello Bradley, welcome !
I've been using Musescore for many years years, most recently for my group
We use it on Ubuntu Studio, together with other great software, including for film scoring and aligning to drum sequencers.
The Linux user group might still be a minority, but the word is spreading rapidly.
Please bring back Jack support as soon as possible, so we and many others can use the marvellous version 4!

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Thanks for this welcome, and for your request too.
We have a number of things we need to do to bring Linux support up to the same standard as Windows and macOS, so this will certainly be added to the list!
Very glad to hear you are enjoying version 4. Thank you for your support!

Congratulations Bradley from down here down under.
I guess this is hardly the place to ask this question but I can't get the regular help or Google to quite recognise my problem. I'm new to MuseScore 4 and have just had a piece I'm working on (for Guitar, Treble clef only), show up with 7 lines in the stave. I must have clicked something inadvertently. Do you recognise this problem, and if so, how do I revert?
Any help much appreciated.

All the best

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"I guess this is hardly the place to ask this question"

Right place (, just the wrong section. The "Support and bug reports" is probably the best section. Post a question there and attach a copy of the .MSCZ file that is causing you problems. Maybe you have a score with a 7-line stave, maybe you had a six-string guitar TAB and you accidentally made it 7-string?

As for using Google, try instead entering the following as a web address:
site: and add your search term
e.g site: "7 lines"

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