score with piano and bass results in wrong staffs in piano part

• May 11, 2023 - 00:33

The score uses:
1st stave: treble clef
2nd stave: treble clef
3rd stave: bass key

Currently: When I open the piano part, MuseScore shows 1st and 3rd stave as Piano.
piano part.jpg

Expected: Piano part should consist of 1st and 2nd stave (both treble clef).

How can I get MuseScore to use 1st and 2nd stave instead of 1st and 3rd stave for the piano part?


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I am seeing the tempo info twice when opening part II (bass). Oddly when I remove one of the two entires, both entires vanish.

Is that a known problem? This is reproducible with the file provided earlier.

Same problem with the 2nd rehearsal mark.

Both problems are resolved after removing that info and re-adding in score.

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