Trombone & concert toms playback too quiet

• May 14, 2023 - 11:45

I'm working on an orchestral piece with full brass and the trombone is M4 is much quieter than the other brass during playback. It's annoying as it need constant fiddling with the mixer.

I'm also adding false dynamics throughout the score to overide the trombone audio. I tried to search 'trombone' in search facility on here and no results showed up although I recall this being mentioned previously.

I have the same issue with concert toms.
Can it be looked into or has there already been a fix or response you can point me in the direction of? Thank you.


"Can it be looked into". Doubt it, unless they are really quiet and reported by many users, otherwise you 'd get complaints in the opposite direction.

Is it possible your trombones are using different soundfonts than the other brass? If you use Muse Sounds for all, or MS Basic for all, they should match well. If you have a score where they aren't please attach it so people can try to confirm the issue with that score. Same for toms vs other percussion, etc.

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