Continuous high pitched screeching sound suddenly appears in the middle of my score and won't stop!

• May 22, 2023 - 01:36

I Yesterdays.mscz Yesterdays.mscz Yesterdays.mscz Yesterdays.mscz was working on a big band chart and a high-pitched continuous sound came on during the part where the solos are supposed to take place. Is there any fix for this?
Playback has been problematic on MS4.0.2. It sounds like there's some static going on in the background, and the brass sounds like it's fading out a bit. A friend suggested I reload MS 4.0 again, but wouldn't that mean I lose all my work on 4.0?


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Yeah, MuseScore is not very jazz-oriented, other than having the Swing text. to differentiate the rhythmic interpretation from classical and rock (even 8ths).
The guitar sound is so twangy that I leave it out of all my scores, and I'm a jazz guitar player.
When I have my scores performed, I usually conduct, and run over to my guitar if there's a guitar solo.

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