Merge all voices (in 3.6)?

• May 22, 2023 - 20:48

Does MuseScore 3.6 have a easy way to merge all voices while preserving all onset timing ... naturally, at the expense of altering some durations?




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First example: not easy. Use the selection filter to select only the second voice, change the notehead type to quarter and use 'x' to change the note stem direction. Finally, don't forget to set the selection filter to 'All'. The original half notes will not change their duration, but visually you will have the desired result.

Second example: exchange voice 1 and 2. Select everything except voice 1 (selection filter) and press Delete.
Set the selection filter to "All", select all notes and change the note head type to "Quarter".

For more complex scores, this may not work as described.

Implode is intended for a different purpose: if you have two staves, one for e.g. Trumpet 1 and the second for Trumpet 2, you can implode them into a single staff with both voices.

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Thank you - that was new for me ...
But it is not applicable here because it is possible only with notes of the same duration.

For his second example there is another option:

  • delete the tab of the existing stave
  • add up to three additional guitar staves (depends on the number of voices used) w.o. tabs
  • explode
  • remove the unwanted guitar staves and correct the note heads.
  • add a linked tab again

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In this procedure, the existing linked TAB staff is a hindrance. Since it is linked, it can be deleted (instrument dialog 'i', select staff: 2, Remove from score) and added again at the end (instrument dialog, Select staff 1, Add linked staff, choose the tabulature type).

To be able to use the 'explode' function, you need a separate instrument line (without tabulature) for each voice of the original staff. It is important that these are placed directly below the original staff. This is the reason why the tablature must be removed first.
Try it on your example to get some exercise.

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Another idea: Export your file in MIDI format.

  • Reopen. You receive this:

  • In the Import panel, choose 1 to Maximum number of voices (same image above) ->Apply
    You get:

  • Remove the tied notes and recreate a linked TAB.
    voices3.jpg :

EDIT: Please note, however, that for some reasons, the result of the MIDI export may vary.
For example, for the Etude (Sor), you immediately get the result with one voice (due I guess to the shared noteheads, only the voice 1 is kept in export?)
Sometimes you may receive a display on two staves. This is case by case. Try and see.

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