Piano pedal notation:

• May 23, 2023 - 18:08

For a score I am transcribing, I need insert the "ped." text but without following line and asterisk/star. In the v4 manual, the section on pedal notation (page 189) has headings but no explanatory text.

I've attached a jpg that shows what I am trying to do in this score.

Might anyone have suggestions here? many thanks Malcolm

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You can also insert it as a symbol: Press CtrlT to add text, then in the 'Properties' tab (F8) choose 'Insert special characters', and navigate to the pedal symbol.

In v3 this is easy. Select the pedal line and then uncheck the "End text" property and "Line visible" property in the Inspector. I hope something like this is possible in v4?

Many thanks to all who responded! I'm using 4.0.2 on a Mac. Via the tips you contributed I was able to hit on an approach: [1] attach a pedal "line" to a note; the rosetta and line appear along with the text; [2] in Properties, click on the straight line, as this makes the rosetta disappear, and finally [3] drag the remaining line into the text, essentially creating a line of length zero.

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