[SOLVED] Can you make only 1 staff of multi-staff part always invisible?

• May 25, 2023 - 01:58

I have a part in a piece where the violin section has a divisi, but each divisi part has its own dynamic. And I could not get concurrent dynamics on the same staff to work. My solution was to just make an extra invisible violin part play "divisi 2". I still have the full divisi parts written on the original violin part, and play back "divisi 1", but I disabled the original violin's playback for "divisi 2". So original violin plays "divisi 1", and invisible violin plays "divisi 2", but original violin still has both "divisi 1" and "divisi 2" written. The problem is that when listing the instrumentation, the invisible violin inflates the number of violin parts by 1, when in reality, its just a sort of back-end workaround for a divisi.

But I wanted to know if it is possible if I were to create a second staff for the original violin, is there a way to have this second staff always invisible (even when playing), but not the first staff, so that each staff of what's technically the same violin part can play its own divisi part with its own independent dynamic, which would eliminate the need of an invisible extra violin part for this one segment?


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