Screen glitching

• May 25, 2023 - 03:31

I've been trying to find another forum that answers this but couldn't.

Anyways, I have Musescore on Chromebook through Linux. When I first downloaded it last year I had a couple of issues with crashing but they eventually went away. Now, every time I start working on my scores I run the risk that anything I click on or any button I press could cause the screen to glitch. Sometimes the screen goes partially white and sometimes black with glitched lines. It usually goes away once I move my cursor or stop whatever I am doing, but I am extremely concerned with what's going on. It also causes my cursor to lag or its FPS drops.

Let me know if anyone has any information or advice.


Which version of MuseScore, and which Linux distribution? And can you show a screenshot of what it looks like? I haven't experienced anything like this using any recent (last several years) version of MuseScore on any of my Chromebooks running the default Debian installation of Linux.

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I believe it's Musescore 3.6 (based on the file name) and I think I do have Debian (I don't know how to check so I googled it). I have been unable to screenshot it because the minute I press the keys to screenshot it goes back to normal. I also ran diagnostics on my Chromebook and it said everything was fine so I have no clue what's going on.

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