Use of plugins in Ms4 crashes the program

• May 25, 2023 - 20:51

I am trying hard to use MS4.0 but it is getting very upsetting to do so. Now, I've discovered that few plugins for MS4 have been calibrated. I very frequently use the "Comments" plugin in MS3.6 to make notes of what instrument voices I've assigned to each instrument, so I can edit my choices and then go back to a prior voice if I wish. I copied and pasted the plugin into the Plugins folder in MS4, then launched the program and tried to open the plugin. It opened OK, and accepted typing but when I then closed the plugin, the entire program crashed and closed, and remembered nothing of what I added as a comment. In fact, the few plugins that are authorized for MS4 do me no good. Who needs their notes reversed. or additional articulations not already specified?

Please program MS4 to accept the large plugins list already listed for MS3.6. Thanks


Those crashes are likely caused ba a Qt.quit() in those plugins. While that was wrong in 3.x already, there it at least didn't crash, but now it does. Remove it or at least change to just quit()

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JoJo: Thanks. Changing Qt.quit() to just quit() did the trick. The plugin no longer crashes MS4. Yea!

Last inquiry. In MS4, the comments plugin colors the text in the plugin white, on a gray background. A bit hard to see. What line in the file would I change to get black text on a gray background, as in MS3.6?

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Each plugin is a text file, so it can be edited. Download the file to your computer, place it in the "Plugins" folder in Ms4, right-click on it and choose "Open With ..." a text editor such as Wordpad or Notepad if using Windows. You will see a line reading "Qt.quit()" somewhere in the text. Note it may be present in more than one place. Delete the "Qt." so the line simply reads "quit()". Save the file and you should be good to go, with no crashes upon closing. Make sure you do not delete any punctuation marks, just the letters Qt.

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After I changed the "comments" plugin as you suggested above, it works fine. If you can import that to MS4, that would be helpful to everyone (musescore_comments_master). I suggest the text color be changed from white on gray background to black on gray background. Much easier to see (see my reply above)

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Changing lightgray to black would probably result in black text on black backgrpund in the light theme. Using darkgrey would probably have a similar issue in the light theme, black on darkgray, as it now has with white on lightgray.
So the plugin would need to decide which to use depending on the theme setting

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