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Question regarding beams. In the picture below in the red circle there is one quaver that is down and then the beam has a semiquaver from the left that goes over to a quaver to the right, how do i do this in the program?

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In response to both you and the multiple voices comment above. See below image for reference. When i try in second voice, i try to place a rest, this then causes the quaver to disappear, placing the note back the rest goes away, and i can't continue. 3rd voice just skips over the whole thing, placing a rest ruins it the whole section. In first voice the beams from the bottom connect to the top, because they are the same voice i reckon, i then try to disconnect the beams and flip the notes down, this brings the singular semiquaver note to also flip down. And the beam comes from the left side as well in the original score, and that doesn't happen if i try to isolate just those three notes in a different score.

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You have one of the rare cases where you need to use 3 voices. You need to put the first quaver G on beat 1 and the quaver B on the second semiquaver of beat 3 in voice 3. You will need to enter the intervening rests in that voice to allow you to enter that quaver B in the correct position and then make them invisible.

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That is a lot of manual work.

  • you can select a single note and press 'x' to change the direction of the note stem.
  • you can select a beam and move it up or down with the mouse

    MuseScore 3_ Untitled-2_.png

The question remains, why does it have to look exactly like the template? I would only do this rework to have a better representation in individual cases. Is the default representation worse readable?
Yes, the F# (voice 1, blue) is a bit hidden: either change the stem direction with 'x' (select the 16th E of voice 3 and press 'x') or move the hiding beam of this (red) group a bit up.

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