Notes input

• Jun 3, 2023 - 20:25

Piano:TP100H, techno piano
I would like compose note on the sheet just playing them on piano.
My piano does not support MIDI, so I try to use the USB port, connecting the keyboard to the PC whit the cable, but nothing happened. I also try to change the I/O preferences, but nothing.
Are there any possibilities to insert notes while I am playing??


If the piano doesn't support MIDI, what is the USB cable for - audio? If so, then that won't work. It has to be MIDI. Most modern keyboards use USB for this purpose though - are you sure yours doesn't?

Anyhow, to use a MIDI keyboard, connect it via USB, turn it on, then start MuseScore. Go to Edit / Preferences / I/O and make sure it is selected. Click the settings icon don't he playback toolbar and be sure MIDI input is enabled. Then you can start entering notes normally - press "N" for note input mode, select a duration, and press a key on your MIDI keyboard. It will be entered exactly as if you had simply typed the corresponding key on your computer keyboard.

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