Musescore 4 not opening

• Jun 7, 2023 - 19:14

Musescore 4 is not opening on my pc, i tryed almost everything, delete it and donwload it, delete and reinstalling muse hub, delete every thing such as preferences, or choirs brass plugins, i deleted thing in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\MuseScore but still not opening, can someone help me?


Did it work previously then stop? I take it you are on Windows; which version? What audio device? How are you starting it? And have you tried rebooting?

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This seems unrelated - those messages are about Muse Hub, not MsueScore. I gather there was a recent update of the Windows version of that app and maybe something went wrong. Try uninstalling that (Muse Hub, not MuseScore) and reinstalling. And if you continue to have trouble, ask for help on the dedicate support site for that app -

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Hmm, are you also having an issue with MuesScore? That isn't at all clear. Your pictures show you have an issue with Muse Hub, but that should in no way prevent you from using MsueScore. If you're having a completely unrelated separate issue using MsueScore, please explain in more detail, with no reference to Muse Hub since that isn't involved. How are you trying to start MuseScore, and what goes wrong when you try?

But in addition, are you sure you uninstalled Muse Hub? How did you do that? Can you try doing that again, and post a screenshot showing it uninstalling? Be sure you are uninstalling Muse Hub, not MuseScore - again, totally separate things.

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I've been opening MuseScore for at least 5 years using the icon on my desktop, but today it stopped working. I hadn't even heard of Muse Hub until this morning, and don't know what it is. I use the software "Should I Remove It?" to uninstall things. That's how I uninstalled MuseScore 4 today, but it doesn't even list Muse Hub as a program on my computer, so I don't know how to uninstall it.

Before I uninstalled MuseScore 4, I hit the icon and nothing opened.

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OK, so it does seem that you haven't uninstalled Muse Hub, so we'll worry about that after we sort out the issue with MuseScore itself. Muse Hub, BTW, is the program you probably used to install MuseScore as well as Muse Sounds. It runs from the system tray. To remove it, don't rely on third party programs, use the add/remove programs facility that comes with Windows. So do that first.

Next, you say you've been using a desktop icon for 5 years, but of course MuseScore 4 has only existed for a few months, so it would have been other icons you used before this year. So, be sure you are using the correct desktop icon. There is one for MuseScore 4, also one for MuseScore 3 unless you removed it, and if it's literally been five years, then you probably also have one for MuseScore 2 unless you removed that too. Also an icon for Muse Hub. So be sure you are using the correct icon: it should be purpose (not blue or white) and say MuseScore 4.

As for why nothing happened when clicking the icon, it could be something went wrong with the icon, or it could be MuseScore was running already but in a place you couldn't see it, like on another display that is no longer connected. Or it might have crashed but still not fully terminated. Try rebooting, then running again, not from a desktop icon, but from the Start menu.

If that works, we can worry about the desktop icon next. But if not, we'll need to understand more about what's going wrong.

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  1. You're right; I evidently hadn't uninstalled Muse Hub. So I did it via the add/remove program in Windows and restarted my computer.
  2. I always use the updated icon.
  3. I tried to download MuseScore 4, it brought me to Muse Hub where I chose MuseScore 4, and then it downloaded for more than 10 minutes (see attached) without finishing. So I clicked out of that, again uninstalled Muse Hub, restarted my computer, tried to download MuseScore 4, but now it doesn't even take me to Muse Hub. Just nothing. Like it won't finish downloading.
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Muse Hub runs from the system tray, so if you've closed it, you need to go there to reopen it. Also if you accidentally click outside its window while using it.

Or you can use the link mentioned to download MsueScore 4 without Muse Hub (although you'll still want to use Muse Hube to download Muse Sounds).

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You'll be able to use Muse Sounds as soon as we now turn out attention to what is going wrong with Muse Hub. If I understand correctly, you uninstalled it, then reinstalled it, then uninstalled it again for some reason. So, simply install it again, and if you then have some sort of question about how to use it, just start a new thread and ask your question in more detail.

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idk. i had a hypothesis that the file might be a generic thing since i saw its name from somewhere else, and nope it was just coincidence. they just never made a translation file but still made it part of necessary files. they're fucked up, no way of solving it (unless we actually translate the whole map on our own hands), i'm done. just using 3.6.2 or whatever rn.

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He means create a new account and use that account to run MU4. Not create a new account each time you run MU4. This is a common trouble shooting procedure. If there is no problem running the new account, you know there is some problem with the original account.

MS4 started crashing today for me.
I read and tried ALL the possible solutions listed in this thread, but all are unseccessful. It's not normal that I have been working on this computer everyday for hours, I switched it off for lunch and after that, when I tried to continue, nothing works.
It can't be my computer, nor my session/user, nor anything I have done, as I have not touched my computer. It seems there is some type of bug YOU have to solve.
If many people have the same issue, suddenly, with no apparent reason, it can't be their fault.
Anyway, I'll try all NEW soilutions you may come up with.
Thank you.

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BTW, there was one option I hadn't tried: using the nightly version.
I have done it, and it has started. I've been able to create a new score and start working on it. After inserting a couple of notes, it has suddlendly crashed again; so, that means it IS a bug.
No way. I hope you'll find a solution soon.

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No one on this forum can solve your problem. We are all just users like yourself.

Does your computer meet the minimum specs to run MU4? This is a big one.

Do you perform regular maintenance on your system? Clear cache, etc.

If you just close your laptop lid with MU4 running then open it up later, this is a problem.

It might not be your computer, but no one knows how you use your computer or what kind of shape it is in.

True, there are a disturbing number of posts about crashes and corrupt files. Knock on wood, I use MU4 every day and have never had either.

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I'm hoping to get more help from MuseScore staff, not users.
Yes, it meets the specs. I've been using MuseScore 4 almost daily since it first came out.
Yes, I perform regular maintenance. I have a good antivirus protection, and did a virus scan after this problem occurred.
No, I don't just close the lid.
Yes, there are a disturbing number of posts about crashes.

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Glad to hear it.
As I said, there are no staff on the forums. Reporting problems on GitHub is where staff might be. The forum is where these things are discussed to see if there really is a problem. Often it is user error. You'd be amazed at how many times people download a PDF that has all kinds of hidden problems. Or open a score from an older version. Or just plan try something MU4 was never meant to do.
I've got MU4 on five different systems and not had these problems.

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Wow, Marc, you've always been so quick and helpful, I had assumed you were staff!

So I just tried for at least the 12th time to download MS4 so I could tell you the exact steps I used, and this time Muse Hub downloaded correctly and let me choose MS4. So, for some reason, it seemed to have worked this time! Fingers crossed it stays with me.

So for the other folks with this problem, maybe just keep at it and the magic will happen.

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