Crash when adding first and second time bar markings with only a simple barline between them

• Jun 10, 2023 - 01:18

1. Add a first-time bar marking to bar 2 of attached score.
2. Add a second-time bar marking to bar 3.

- Crash

Note: See File 1.
Note. For correct syntax, there should be a repeat-bar after the first-time bar. However, the user should be able to create incorrect syntax without a crash happening.

To make the crash go away, in another part of the score: (1) Create a repeat bar (2) Add the first and second time bar marking on either side. THEN do the actions as above. —The crash does not occur. See File 2.

Attachment Size
Blue Bayou BUG.mscz 21.72 KB
Blue Bayou BUG 2.mscz 22.56 KB


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