Sometimes MS 4 just has no sound + other suggestions

• Jun 17, 2023 - 14:31

I would like to doubt it is a computer issue, bc my computer runs fine and fast, but every time say I sleep on the computer or simply go away for a bit, I come back and the audio doesn't work, and I have to restart the program to fkn get it to work again.

Also, other features that would be nice is:

Flip the X-Y axis for editing offset features (IE up means up and down means down, NOT the other way around)

(I don't know if this is a glitch or not but) typing "." actually works and doesn't put a hairpin in the way instead.

a search bar when trying to find a specific text font.

(AGAIN) a feature to assign ALL instruments to one sound font if desired


Indeed, MU4 dose not like to be put to sleep. Neither does Sibelius. I have no idea if this is by design or not. Simple enough to just not use sleep mode.

I don't see typing a period as ever being a short cut for anything.

I agree about the sound font thing. I think that would have to happen when yo create the score. In some cases, different fonts have different names for some instruments. Horn, horn in F, French horn. If you could select the font first then the correct names used in the font would be in the instrument list. This is what happens now if Muse Sounds are the default font. If you select an instrument that is not worded quit the same as in the font, it is assigned to Muse Basic.

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