Distort not working on Guitar

• Jun 17, 2023 - 19:12

I am adding the Distort text to my 7 String guitar part and it just won't work. Harmonics and Mute also do not work. Old Musescore 3 compositions I made with made Distorted 7 String guitars also had their distortion property removed from them after I switched to MuseScore 4.


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"on Musescore 3 the 7-String Guitar would distort when I told it to. "

No, you're making a mistake. With V3, if you choose a 7-string guitar, you have a single channel (Normal) in the Staff text properties - image below.


To have multiple channels (distortion, harmonics etc.), you need to choose an electric guitar.


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Ah, you mean changing the sound of the instrument in the Mixer? But since you also mentioned harmonics in the first message, I thought you meant changing some sounds over the score with a single instrument.
In fact, with V4 you can no longer change the sound of an instrument as you could with V3 (or perhaps with a VST, but I'll pass, as this is beyond my current knowledge of the V4)

Can you attach a MuseScore 3 file that plays the 7 string distortion sound when opened in MS3. Forget MS4 for the time being. Do you have a working score in MS3 that you can attach?
The "Clad in Green" score attached above was saved in MS4, so MS3 protests about it being from a newer MuseScore version.

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