Increase accidental sizes: 3.6 > style > notes

• Jun 23, 2023 - 20:57

What is the difference between these 2 adjustable options? See attachment.


is there anyway to change the size of accidentals?

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For chord with multiple accidentals, the first is the distance from the whole stack of accidentals to the note, whereas the second is the distance between accidentals (the base distance, anyhow, it is adjusted as needed according to engraving conventions to avoid collisions etc).

Regarding size - they are set by the music font, and different fonts have different sizes, so there is that. For individual accidentals, you can also make them small in the Inspector (MU3) or Properties panel (MU4, but only starting in 4.1).

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You wrote:
I want them larger.

For MuseScore 3.6, in Format > Style > Sizes you can set 'Small note size' to a number greater than 100%. This will actually increase the size when you select only the accidental and check the 'Small' box in the Inspector.
For example, to make accidentals 30% larger:
This works because in MU 3 the accidental can be sized independently from the note.

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It's more accurate regarding how it happens to work currently, but it's important to note this is not supported and not what this feature is meant to be used for at all. Extra-large notes or markings are not normally a thing in music, but extra-small ones definitely are - they are used for cues, cadenzas, editorial suggestions, etc. So it's more important that people understand how to get the normal thing (extra-small) then to know they can hack it for experimental purposes - that would just make it harder to understand the usual purpose. And note, if you hack it in this way, now you can't have the normal small notes also, so no cues, no cadenzas, etc. That might work for your special situation here but we definitely don't want to make it too easy for people to shoot themselves in the foot in this way.

Really, if you need extra-large accidentals for some reason, it's better to simply find a font that has these, and then if MuseScore doesn't currently support that font, we can see about adding it.

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Right, there is just one "small" size used for notes, accidentals, and other markings when making cues or similar passages. And normally that's a good thing, because you want those things to all all scale together when doing this. But eventually, there is no particular reason there couldn't also be individual controls over the default sizes of various elements. A common request is to be able to make all noteheads either slightly smaller or slightly larger than the default for a given font. I could imagine eventually having similar controls for each element type.

Then I chose an early morning hour in the US to first download Muse Hub, install it, and wait for that stupid carousel to rotate to where it says Muse Sounds package, and click that and it downloads all the instruments. This takes up about 13.5GB, so if you're short on space, just download the individual ones you want. Anyway, since it was early in the morning, it downloaded at about 30MB/sec and I have a 200MB connection, but it was still much faster than downloading it during a busy hour. But now everything works.

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