How to shrink vertically? Idk how to describe ._.

• Jun 25, 2023 - 17:18

I'm on Linux Ubuntu 22.10, and on Musescore 4. Just writing my score and uh this happened. The first page is separated from the title page. Also, I tried shrinking the frame to no avail. If I shrink it into oblivion there's no more space ;-;

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Make the "paper" bigger. You aren't going to print the main score on Letter size paper, are you?

Format >Page settings A3, for example but you can make ti just about any size that suits your purpose.

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you can double-click on the vertical frame and drag its handle to resize it until it fits on the same page as the first page. You can also adjust the page margins and staff spacing in the Layout > Page Settings and Layout > Format menus if you need more space on your page. I hope this helps you with your issue.

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